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Petroleum Cleanup Program

    Our Client Testimonials

    "CLARK has consistently provided professional outstanding services while maintaining various client needs.  You can always count on a quick turn around of detailed quotes, waste profiles, and field services.  Their staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and always available to administer any question.  CLARK is the industry leader in Florida and a company you can always count on.  There is a level of reassurance that is unmatched by other companies when dealing with CLARK."

    Robert E. Sevret Jr.  - Sr. Project Manager with Handex Consulting and Remediation

    Clark Environmental's Project Assistance

    Clark Environmental offers an unmatched service of Petroleum Cleanup Program disposal assistance. Clark Environmental provides transportation and treatment of contaminated soil, and we provide cleanfill to fill in any remediated areas.  Clark Environmental also provides free profile approval, manifests, and labels*, as well as providing certificates of disposal upon request.

    Below is one example of how Clark Environmental can assist you on a Petroleum Cleanup Program Site.  Clark Environmental provided Transportation, Treatment, and Backfill for 5,750 tons of petroleum contaminated material.

    "Hi Guys,
    Just want to take a moment and thank Clark Environmental for all of your support in helping us complete this project.  This was a big one for ECS and we could not have done it without your project manager and the rest of your crew.  The project manager was fantastic at coordinating daily needs with our field crew and exceeding our expectations.  The back end support from the operations team with daily totals kept me informed of progress and kept the FDEP up to date."

    "Thanks again for another job very well done."

    Jon Berntsen, P.G. - Senior Vice President and Regional Manager with Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. 

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    Request a Quote

    *Free Manifests & Labels apply when Clark Environmental Provides Transportation