Hazardous Waste

Clark Environmental, Inc. provides free profile approval, free manifests, and free labels, as well as providing certificates of disposal upon request.

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Clark Environmental, Inc. provides transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous material in drum or bulk quantities including all RCRA hazardous & TSCA regulated wastes. We offer comprehensive disposal services of materials such as: flammables, combustibles, acids, caustics, toxics, poisons, cyanides, reactives, PCB’s, contaminated soils, shock sensitives, compressed gases, and other regulated materials and wastes. We also offer LabPacking services along with providing complete packaging supplies if needed.

Clark Environmental, Inc. gives exceptional service by providing complete assistance to help sample, analyze, characterize, identify and package known & unknown wastes, assist with RCRA guidance on packaging & treatment options, as well as assist in completing profile documents.

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Testing Requirements
If you have any questions concerning disposal of waste or testing requirements, call us at 800.276.2187
Lab Packs

Clark Environmental, Inc. offers lab pack transportation and disposal services.  We assist in classifying, segregating, packing and labeling of small containers of various chemicals or waste.  Clark Environmental, Inc.’s service is a cost effective, time saving method for disposing of out dated, unneeded or unknown chemicals.