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Clark Environmental, Inc. accepts difficult materials such as tank bottom sludges. Sludge is our specialty!

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Clark Environmental, Inc. owns and operates a FDEP permitted waste solidification facility processing non-hazardous solids, sludges, liquids, tars and gels in both drum and bulk quantities. Depending on the contaminates of the materials, it will either be processed through our Thermal Treatment Facility, disposed at an approved FDEP -Class I landfill, or processed through a FDEP permitted wastewater treatment facility. Clark Environmental, Inc. also handles spill cleanup absorbents (booms, pads, filters etc.) contaminated PPE, along with off-specification and unused product. Additionally, we handle empty drums and containers for recycling. Certificates of Acceptance, Treatment and Disposal are also available on request.

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Testing Requirements

Material Acceptance Criteria

Waste TypeMinimum AnalysesEPA Test
Petroleum Contaminated SoilVirgin DieselNone
Gasoline: TCLP Benzene1311
Used Oil: TCLP Volatiles, TCLP Metals1311
Petroleum Contaminated Soil from Vehicle Accident and/or SpillVirgin DieselNone
Gasoline: TCLP Benzene1311
Used Oil: TCLP Benzene, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead1311
Petroleum Contaminated Soil for Thermal TreatmentIn accordance with 62-713
Non-Virgin Processed or Waste Petroleum Contaminated Water (not regulated as PCW)Analysis Determined on Case-by-Case basis
Petroleum Tank Bottom SludgesDiesel & Fuel Oils: Tank Certification
Gasoline: Flashpoint, TCLP Benzene, TCLP Lead1010, 1311
Used Oil: Flashpoint, TCLP Volatiles, TCLP Lead1010, 1311
Petroleum Contaminated Water Virgin Product (not regulated as PCW)MSDS
Petroleum Contaminated Sorbent Materials (Pads, Booms, etc.,)Virgin DieselNone
Gasoline: TCLP Benzene1311
Used Oli: TCLP Benzene, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead1311
Liquid, Sludges, Sediments from Wash Sumps / Oil-water separatorsTCLP benzene, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead1311
Oil / Water Separator Sludges (Other than car / truck washes)Analysis Determined on Case-by-Case
Soils & liquids, contaminated by virgin, non-haz materials, from accident spillsMSDS
IDW from suites contaminated by dry cleaning solventsVolatile Organics601 / 602
IDW from non-petroleum, non-dry cleaning sitesAnalysis Determined on Case-by-Case
Any Non-RCRA Regulated Virgin Chemical not listed aboveMSDS, Additional Analysis Determined on Case-by-Case
AntifreezeTCLP Benzene, Lead, PCE, TCE8240, 7421
Latex paint and paint sludges / inks and ink sludgesMSDS
Empty containersMSDS
Dry Cell Batteries, non-hazardousMSDS
Industrial solid wastes from non-petroleum, non-dry cleaning sitesAnalysis Determined on Case-by-Case
BiosolidsAnalysis determined on Case-by-Case


Waste Solidification

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Waste Processing Facility Permit38627-008-SO/303/2/20153/2/2020
CERCLA Approval30627-001-808/15/2000
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS000515553/20/2018
- Closing Costs$180,561.36
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85

Thermal Treatment

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Air Permit1050319-016-AO11/17/201611/17/2021
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Solid Waste Permit138634-006-SO/2712/23/201412/23/2019
CERCLA Approval5053-19928012/17/1998
USDA-APHIS PPQ Permit to Receive Foreign Soil Regulated by (7 CFR 330)P330-17-002848/17/20178/17/2020
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS 515553/3/2017
- Closing Costs$312,421.03
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85


PermitPermit NumberExp. Date
Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration053018 550 016A6/30/2019
Florida Hazardous Waste TransporterFLD 98420600311/30/2018
Florida Non-Handler of Hazardous Waste; Universal Waste Lamps & Devices, UW Pharmaceutical Battery & Pesticide TransporterFLD 9842060033/01/2019
Florida Broward County Waste Transport LicenseWT-16-01392/28/2019
Florida, Miami Dade County Liquid Waste Transporters Operating PermitLW-000414-2018/2019(HW) HW3/31/2019
Oil & Grease Management Hauler's Permit - City of Leesburg07179/30/2018