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Thermal Treatment Permit

Thermal Treatment

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Air Permit1050319-016-AO11/17/201611/17/2021
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Solid Waste Permit138634-006-SO/2712/23/201412/23/2019
CERCLA Approval5053-19928012/17/1998
USDA-APHIS PPQ Permit to Receive Foreign Soil Regulated by (7 CFR 330)P330-17-002848/17/20178/17/2020
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS 515553/3/2017
- Closing Costs$312,421.03
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85

Waste Solidification Permit

Waste Solidification

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Waste Processing Facility Permit38627-008-SO/303/2/20153/2/2020
CERCLA Approval30627-001-808/15/2000
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS000515553/20/2018
- Closing Costs$180,561.36
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85

Transportation Permit


PermitPermit NumberExp. Date
Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration053018 550 016A6/30/2019
Florida Hazardous Waste TransporterFLD 98420600311/30/2018
Florida Non-Handler of Hazardous Waste; Universal Waste Lamps & Devices, UW Pharmaceutical Battery & Pesticide TransporterFLD 9842060033/01/2019
Florida Broward County Waste Transport LicenseWT-16-01392/28/2019
Florida, Miami Dade County Liquid Waste Transporters Operating PermitLW-000414-2018/2019(HW) HW3/31/2019
Oil & Grease Management Hauler's Permit - City of Leesburg07179/30/2018