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Clark Environmental, Inc. is fully insured with $5,000,000 in Transportation Pollution Insurance for the protection of our customers.

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At Clark Environmental, Inc. service is what we do best. For over 26 years, we have provided reliable and safe transportation and disposal services. Clark Environmental, Inc. offers competitive pricing for quality services, knowledge and safety.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals who have accumulated millions of safe-driving miles. They are prompt, professional, and conduct transportation services efficiently, saving you time and money. All drivers are trained in DOT, DEP and OSHA regulations, along with paperwork requirements, emergency procedures, and the proper use of PPE.


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Drum Pickups

Clark Environmental, Inc. offers an unmatched service of full truck and LTL drum pickups. We pick up drums throughout Florida each week. We provide you the scheduled pickup time of your drums within a 2-hour window, eliminating your time wasted onsite! No one else in the industry offers this service!


US DOT # 499614

Waste Solidification

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Waste Processing Facility Permit38627-008-SO/303/2/20153/2/2020
CERCLA Approval30627-001-808/15/2000
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS000515553/20/2018
- Closing Costs$180,561.36
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85

Thermal Treatment

PermitPermit NumberIssue DateExp. Date
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Air Permit1050319-016-AO11/17/201611/17/2021
Soil Thermal Treatment Facility Solid Waste Permit138634-006-SO/2712/23/201412/23/2019
CERCLA Approval5053-19928012/17/1998
USDA-APHIS PPQ Permit to Receive Foreign Soil Regulated by (7 CFR 330)P330-17-002848/17/20178/17/2020
Financial Assurance ApprovalWACS 515553/3/2017
- Closing Costs$312,421.03
- Long-Term Care$34,639.85


PermitPermit NumberExp. Date
Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration053018 550 016A6/30/2019
Florida Hazardous Waste TransporterFLD 98420600311/30/2018
Florida Non-Handler of Hazardous Waste; Universal Waste Lamps & Devices, UW Pharmaceutical Battery & Pesticide TransporterFLD 9842060033/01/2019
Florida Broward County Waste Transport LicenseWT-16-01392/28/2019
Florida, Miami Dade County Liquid Waste Transporters Operating PermitLW-000414-2018/2019(HW) HW3/31/2019
Oil & Grease Management Hauler's Permit - City of Leesburg07179/30/2018

Many potential problems are eliminated before the truck leaves your premises because our drivers provide on-site assistance with manifests, DOT drum labeling and DEP marking requirements.